Mike Ruiz-Serra

Quad coffee table - white

Regular price $5,200.00

The Quad is a low, sculptural coffee table with four hemispherical legs that acts as a quiet yet powerful visual anchor in the room. Cast in stone compositeit has a unique matte finish and is extremely durable. Its smooth surface feels like resin texturally, but is colder to the touch due to its additional stone dust content. The resin fabrication makes it highly stain-resistant, however it is still recommended that users place coasters under drinks and clean spills of any colored liquids promptly, just to be safe. The table can be cleaned with a wet rag or mild cleaning products. Note that as this table is made in a mold, no customizations are possible. The Quad is an interior table and cannot be used outside.

Materials: Stone composite
Measurements: 48" D x 48" W x 12" H
Ships from: Battle Creek, Michigan
Lead time: 7-8 weeks
Trade discount: 10%

Shipping estimates:
To NY - $900
To CA - $850