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How to Live With Objects

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In the modern home, it matters less whether your interior is perfectly appointed, and more whether it’s authentically personal, unique, and filled with objects you feel a connection to. How to Live With Objects (Clarkson Potter, 320 color pages, 9"x12") is anti-decorating book that champions this new approach to interiors — simply surrounding yourself with objects you love.

In How to Live With Objects, we'll introduce you to four categories of objects — vintage, contemporary, handmade, and sentimental — and guide you through the process of finding and identifying good ones and incorporating them into your space. We'll teach you how to find and identify makers and styles you love, which questions to ask when purchasing objects, and why it’s okay to have at least one thing in your home that no one else understands.

The book acts as a primer on how to maximize the visual and emotional impact of your interior, regardless of your space limitations, style preferences, or budget. From a deep dive into the world of vintage-hunting, to anecdotes about favorite objects from creatives like Misha Kahn and Lykke Li, to house tours with object-lovers like Charlotte Taylor and Su Wu, How to Live with Objects is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to make their house a home.