Marjan van Aubel

Sunne lamp

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Designed by Rotterdam-based Marjan van Aubel, Sunne is a self-powered solar lamp that captures, stores, and produces light indoors. By day, it harvests energy from the sun while hanging in your window and stores it in its integrated battery; as evening falls, its light starts to glow. The lamp has three settings that imitate the natural moments of the sun: Sunne Rise, Sunne Set, and Sunne Light.

Sunne features an aluminum frame that's anodized to a warm champagne color, with solar cells lining the back side, and it hangs from two steel wires. It charges best in full sunlight, so it should be hung in a window with minimal shading obstructions, like trees and tall buildings.

With a fully charged battery, Sunne can glow for more than 20 hours — even on a cloudy day. Each evening, Sunne will use some of its stored energy when it's switched on, then the next day, if the sun shines, it will top up its battery level again. This is Sunne’s self-sufficient energy cycle, powered by the sun. In case there's ever not enough sunshine to charge your Sunne sufficiently, it's equipped with a USB-C charging port. No other external plug is needed.

Materials: Anodized aluminum, recycled acrylic, solar cells
Measurements: 31.4" L x 6.2" H x 1.6" D, 7.5 lbs
Ships from: London, UK
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