Rest Energy

Special Damages cabinet

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A thin monolith half moon atop a plinth of redwood burl veneer, the Special Damages cabinet has a curved back covered in — of all things — crushed eggshells. Rest Energy founder Caleb Engstrom looks at these materials as a duality: Burl wood – a warped, dense grain – is a tree’s reaction to sickness or duress, a desperate protection strategy. As beautiful as it may be, it is a byproduct of something unwanted. Crushed eggshells, symbolizing fragility and new beginnings, cover the cabinet's back and interior. The use of both key materials here is about outcomes and their unpredictability. Where we may operate with intention, it’s the unknowable, the mystery outside of ourselves, something unknown that is present.

This piece can be made in custom sizes.

Materials: Crushed eggshells, solid wood
Measurements: 14"D x 23"W x 79"H
Ships from: Los Angeles, CA
Lead time: 10-12 weeks
Trade Discount: 15%

Shipping estimates:
To NY - $500
To CA - $175