Farrah Sit

Serpentine sconce

Regular price $2,200.00

In this sandy, slipcast-ceramic wall sconce, generous curves are paired with crisp edges and the repetition of geometry to create a flow. The sconce snakes up and off the wall, a sculptural lighting piece that's almost artifact-like. Serpentine is available with either a left or right orientation; if ordering two sconces, both sconces can be made using the same orientation, or as a mirrored pair. Note that these fixtures are made with a mold, so no customization is possible.

Materials: Stoneware and brushed brass
Measurements: 4" D x 4" D x H 21" H
Ships from: New York City
Lead time: 6-7 weeks

Shipping estimates:
To NY - $100 (pair)
To CA - $200 (pair)