Interesting Times Gang

Kelp chair

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Inspired by the undulating beauty of the Swedish archipelago, the Kelp chair is a captivating blend of artistry and sustainability. Printed in 3-D from a mix of recycled Scandinavian fishing nets and wood fiber, the chair engages, through its choice of material, in a conversation between form and the ecological health of the world. Its organic ebb and ergonomic flow evoke a sense of belonging to the ocean floor, reflecting the designers' deep-rooted connection to the nostalgic landscapes of their youth.

Driven by a vision to foster circularity in design, the Kelp chair stands as a testament to the Interesting Times Gang’s commitment to raising awareness about waste in consumer culture.

Materials: Recycled Scandinavian fishing nets, wood fiber
Measurements: 19.75"D x 15.6"W x 33"H (Seat Height 18.5")
Ships from: Karlshamm, Sweden
Lead time: 4-6 weeks
Trade discount: 15%

Shipping estimates:
To NY - $250
To CA - $300