Flecto firepit

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The Flecto was designed to bring dynamism and beauty to the otherwise harsh and heavy world of fire pits. Inspired by jewelry design of the 1930s, the Flecto's polished stainless steel reflects its surroundings and the fire within it, offering an engrossing experience with the outdoor landscape. Petite in size and light in weight (65 lbs), it's easily moved around, but should be used on fireproof outdoor surfaces only.

NOTE: Use an outdoor-safe cover during inclement weather and when not in use. Stainless steel is rust-resistant but may show weathering over time. Clean with a stainless steel cleaner to maintain shine. Strictly for wood burning; not intended for use as a grill or for food prep. Remove embers after they have cooled. Flecto is hot when in use — neither Mulhy nor Sight Unseen is responsible for any injuries that may occur.

Materials: Stainless steel
Measurements: 31.5" dia x 11.5" H
Ships from: Philadelphia
Lead time: 7-8 weeks
Trade discount: 15%

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