#21.12c Tubes chair

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The Tubes series began during lockdown in 2020, when Italian studio Zaven's married co-founders decided to build a new piece of furniture for their living room using whatever material they had lying around at home — mostly paper from old magazines. Having since been refined in their studio, the Tubes chair is made from paper pulp, solvent-free glue, and paint on a very sturdy internal structure of cardboard tubes. The surface is hard and is painted with the same water-based paint used in the furniture industry; it essentially has the same characteristics as a wooden table. It can be ordered in custom colors for an additional fee.

Materials: Cardboard, paper pulp, solvent-free glue, paint
Measurements: 13” D x 21.6"W x 28”H x 18" seat
Ships from: Venice, Italy
Lead time: 5-6 weeks

Shipping estimates:
To NY - $400
To CA - $400