Nifemi Ogunro

Tumi chair

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Last summer the designer was walking through Fort Greene park when she saw a branch that, where it met a second branch, looked like a T-bone. She took a picture of it but didn't know where to place the form into space or how to re-contextualize it and give it a new meaning — until she created the Tumi. Part of her process in attempting to reimagine chairs for the past year, and how their formality is at odds with what the body naturally wants to do, she created Tumi to emulate what she saw that day in that tree while also making a chair that allows for all the irregularities the human body has when interacting with objects. The chair is made from hand-carved birch and ash wood and is not customizable.

Materials: Birch, ash
Measurements: 24"D x 26"W x 31"H x 15.25" seat
Ships from: New York City
Lead time: 7-8 weeks
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