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Theia lounge chair - black

Regular price $8,950.00

The Theia lounge chair inherited its name from the Greek mythological goddess who gave birth to Selene, the moon goddess. The name was also later used to describe a planet which, according to the giant impact hypothesis, collided with Earth 4.5 billion years ago, creating our moon. The chair features two curving armrests and a wide, hand-carved back leg with a natural chisel texture. Each piece is unique and handmade in the designer's Brooklyn studio, and all woods are locally sourced. The upholstery is fully customizable (including COM) and the frame is also available in natural white oak.

Materials: Ebonized oak, mohair
Measurements: 29" D x 24.5" W x 32" H x 17" seat
Ships from: New York City
Lead time: 10-11 weeks
Trade discount: 15%

Shipping estimates:
To NY - $200
To CA - $800