Clavijero lounge chair

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Made by hand using traditional carpentry techniques, the Clavijero lounge chair is created for conversation, reading, rest, and contemplation. Clavijero takes its name from one of the oldest theaters in Mexico; indeed, the shape of classic theater seats inspired Christian Vivanco's design for Peca. Comfortable cowhide elevates the wood while achieving a unique, timeless look. Available in black stained oak with black or natural cowhide, or rosa morada wood with black or natural cowhide. Size is customizable.

Materials: Black-finished oak w/ black or natural cowhide; rosa morada wood w/ black or natural cowhide
Measurements: 27.56" D x 27.56" D x H 31.5" H
Ships from: Guadalajara
Lead time: 11-12 weeks
Trade discount: 10%

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